Hi there! My name is M Delagarza and I’m a mother of three wonderful children. I live in Guadalupe, California, one hour from Santa Barbara. I’m 23 years old and I literally have a mouthful of problems. I do need to say this wasn’t always so…

I had a big bright white smile, and I used to be complimented on my straight white teeth. Now when I look in the mirror it is unpleasant and tries not to, but when I do I feel as if I’m looking at a complete stranger’s smile.

My eyes fill with tears and I close my mouth and try not to smile anymore because I feel ashamed and embarrassed of my smile and breath. It hurts when someone asks “what happened to your teeth?” I feel like hiding under a rock!

It’s almost humiliating to me. I’m sure you’re wondering what happened to my teeth as well, so here goes…

I was walking to my car after visiting my grandma when two men approached me as if they came out of nowhere, they were very quiet while approaching me so I was startled by them, but when one of the men asked me for the time, I had no suspicions; I looked down at my watch and when doing so, I felt a fist in my face.

I had been hit three to four times on mouth and nose and head. My purse was ripped off my arm and the two men ran off in to their dark world with my money, and till this day they have yet to face justice.

The police officer who wrote the case said I’m lucky I’m alive and all they wanted was my purse and not me.

The next day, I went to Western Dental to see if they could fix my tooth, I thought it was just loose but the x-ray showed something different.

My front tooth was cracked underneath the gum, when I was hit, he broke my tooth and that’s why its super loose and crooked, my second tooth, also on top; I think it’s my first molar, you can see its missing when I smile.

These are the two teeth that bother me the most aside from all the dental work I need, which is 4 implants, two on top and two on bottom.

My front tooth is still there but is completely cracked underneath the gum and was never removed, know the tooth is very loose and crocked. It needs to be removed and an implant needs to be inserted.

This is what the dentist at Western Dental told. But I didn’t have the finances to do so and I still don’t have the finances.

I lost my job, like many others here in California. I have three small children and with rent and bills, there is no time or money for mom.

This is my story.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read it and if by some miracle you pick me you would give so much more than two teeth you would give me a smile.

Thank you,


Hi Magdelena,

It is very unfortunate that you were a victim of such a crime, at such a young age. It is bad enough when dental problems arise from someone that neglects their teeth, at least in that case, you can say that it is their own fault. But when the dental problems arise from a crime, it really is disheartening and makes one think that life is not fair.

At 23 years old, a life ahead of you, and with 3 wonderful children to take care of, and to be a role model for, it is extremely important that you have the proper smile to give to your children, and the self-confidence to give them a proper start in their life.

I am sorry for your circumstances, but your entry has been noted in our contest, and we will be announcing the winner soon.


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