When my dad passed away the last person that took me to the dentist was my uncle, but my teeth didn’t fully fix. I went to foster care and they had cared less about my teeth. When I turn 18 I try to get Medicaid in Florida but it was difficult I got pregnant so they could work on my teeth.to the point I stop caring.

Now I am 24 with three beautiful kids but still haven’t had my teeth fixed. I don’t smile at all. How can I smile with missing horrible teeth? I can’t afford to fix it, but one day God will answer my prayer and I’ll get the money to get full dental implants. Yeah, I said full dental implants cause most of my teeth are missing.

I hate it but at this time I could only afford to pay for my bills, rent and takin care of my kids.it’s really sad that I let my teeth get these worse. I’m scared that something might happen to me cause of most my teeth missing I pray it don’t.i would send a picture but don’t have one and also too embarrassed.to all does listener please take care of your teeth and don’t let it get as worse as mind thanks for listen and good bye.

by Jackeline Matos
(Tampa, Fl.)

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