Bus Travel to Mexico

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Bus travel to Mexico is one of the most affordable ways to get to Mexico from US and Canada.

The good thing about traveling by bus is the roads leading to Mexico are well-maintained which makes for a smooth land-travel experience.

The Mexican government invested a lot of money to fix these roads in order to increase tourism as well as make passengers comfortable in their travel.  They are doing their best to promote bus travel because it’s more affordable than air travel and it allows people to enjoy the wondrous sceneries on their way to the country.

A bus travel to Mexico lasts from six to eight (6-8) hours, depending on the bus company you’re taking.  Most passengers prefer executive and first class buses in this kind of long travel because of the comfort, safety air-conditioned buses; you won’t have to worry about smog and smoke.

The executive class buses offer bus services that are almost the same as the business class in planes.  They offer you a drink and a sandwich as well as complimentary coffee.

These buses also have a TV and recliner seats that have leg and back support, thus limiting the seating capacity to only 24 to 25 seats per bus.  First class bus travel to Mexico can be expensive, but it’s safe and comfortable especially for a the long Mexican journey.

There are first class buses that are almost the same with the executive class in terms of comfort and entertainment, except that there are more seats, so there is less room for stretching and sleeping.

The good thing about executive and first class buses is that they’re mostly express buses as they take the faster toll-roads and has lesser bus stops, so you get to your destination faster than expected.

If you’re going for a cheaper travel to Mexico, then you can opt for the second-class buses that aren’t usually air-conditioned and arrives in Mexico longer than expected because of their frequent stops to some places. Also, these buses take different routes since they let off and pick up passengers off the road.  We DON’T recommend this as your means of travel to Mazatlan due to comfort and safety issues.

There are a lot of bus stations in the US and Canada from where you can start your bus travel to Mexico and you’ll find that most are they are very accommodating.  Compared to air travel, bus travel is much cheaper and less of a hassle because you do not have to think about getting to the airport hours before your flight and paying a cab ride to your destination since there are a multitude of schedules that you can choose from.

Of course, bus travel to Mexico isn’t the safest way to travel so here some safety precautions and tips that you must remember before traveling.

  • First off, it is much better to reserve your ticket in advance than to buy on the day itself in order to avoid the hassle lining up for long and not knowing if there are still available seats.
  • When embarking on a long journey bus journey to Mexico, bring a sweater or jacket, as well as food and water to keep you energized for the long trip.
  • Watch out for your personal belongings from pickpockets and bag snatchers in bus terminals.  Also, dress casually if possible so as not to be the focus of cons.
  • Ride taxi when going to the bus terminal, especially if you have a lot of things to bring.  If this is not possible, ask a friend to drive you to the bus terminal.
  • If possible, avoid doing overnight bus travel to Mexico because there are some roads leading to the country that are prone to highway robberies on late night travels.

Aside from the tips above, there are some things that you have to watch out for in a bus travel to Mexico…

  • Sometimes, buses make a transfer of passengers from one bus to another, and they do this at the middle of nowhere.That nowhere can be an isolated highway that can be miles away from the main highway or a town.

    This can happen if you’re on a second class trip that makes frequent stops to bring down or get a passenger in the streets.  Be alert about this (nothing goes wrong with being alert).  When this happens, make sure you your friends or family members in your contact list.

  • If you’re planning to take non-airconditioned busses, get ready to ride standing up for most of the trip since these busses have the tendency to overload.  Also, bring a fan and water because it can get pretty hot in there.
  • Long journeys can be a bore so bring something to read to keep you entertained throughout your bust travel to Mexico.Yes, it is good to see the fields, towns and the people while on the journey, but one way or another, you will get bored. Bring around 2 books keep you occupied.

    If you’re not a bookworm though, you can listen to your mp3 or play the PSP (but make sure to secure them well so it won’t get snatched).  There’s nothing worse in a bus travel than getting bored with nothing to do.  And I bet you won’t be able to sleep well in the bus.

Bus travel is affordable and can be the easiest mode of transportation to Mexico and most people say you won’t go wrong with it.  But we advice that you should be alert at all times and use the tips on this article to make yours a safe and hasstle-free bus travel to Mexico.

All aboard?

We’ll be glad to see you here in Mazatlan!