Hi, I am a 33 year old mother of three and has tons of reasons to smile a big toothy grin, however, my smile is that of a jack’o’lantern and very embarrassing!

Unsure of why but at some point in my adolescence my dentist pulled 2 of my teeth and now I have big spaces, I have lost a couple due to root canals and not being able to afford the crowns.

I love to take pictures and wish I could look as happy as I feel in these family portraits but I feel that my smile ruins the picture!

I look back at year books and fun with friends growing up and I can’t find a shot with me actually smiling in it! It saddens me to the point of depression and anxiety.

It is hard for me to speak to people because I feel they are staring at my teeth! I have always worked in health care and have had many people say I would be a beautiful girl if I had all my teeth or you must not have a good dental plan here.

I got married almost 3 years ago and my goal for the wedding was not that of the perfect dress but to save enough money to get my teeth picture perfect for my wedding day. Unfortunately I couldn’t work due to the fact that I was pregnant with twins, so my doctor had me quit working early on. I wasn’t getting enough income to save anything. My wedding was beautiful but my pictures only show how happy my husband was for I did not smile much in front of the camera!

I would love, love, love the opportunity to come to your office and have my dream come true!!! I feel my life would be alot happier if I had a smile I could be proud of!!!

Thank you sooo much for the chance!

by Kellie Beasley
(Rochester, WA USA)


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