I am a single mother of 3 children, Dylan 15,Briana 13 and Amanda10 and 1 and 1/2 yrs ago I had an infection on my tooth, it was the front tooth that was joined to the tooth beside it so both were capped.

The dentist split the two and pulled the infected one, he said there is decay behind the other one doesn’t know if he can recap it or if I will need 2 implants, anyway he did a bone graft and said he couldn’t put the tooth in because of infection being too bad so it took about 3 months to clear it up.

I endured coming back to have him drill into the gum and flushing with bleach or smelled like it, finally, it was ready after around 6-8 months but by then I could not afford to finish so I am wearing a flipper which is very embarrassing when I take it out as it is my front tooth missing.

I am trying to make the best out of it but I am embarrassed to kiss anyone if I date so I am not.

I am 47 yrs old and have been told I am somewhat good-looking.

I have been through a horrible custody battle which is still going on today and I receive no support even though my ex makes good money, everything is a mess financially.

I also need one or more crowns which I can not afford to get and I just split my back molar to the bone and need emergency work done, don’t know if it can be saved or not, also need a couple of fillings done.

I can come and and put the flight on my visa. I am wanting to go to school in Jan. and start a new more confident life and having my teeth fixed so I can keep them until I am old would really make me feel good.

I thought I have always taken good care of my teeth but these problems are questioning if I have done a good enough job. I would so appreciate having a little help with my teeth as I have no dental care, and have no one to help me out with this.

Thank you for the opportunity,

Sandra Schiele

(Vimy, AB. CANADA)
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