With the rapid advancement in Cosmetic Dentistry Education and dental technology, dentists need to keep upgrading their knowledge or risk being left behind.

At Mexican Dental Vacation, we make sure that our dentists are equipped with updated knowledge in new developments and technology in the dentistry scene.

Keeping them at paced with new dental technology helps us give our patients the best dental care possible of a dental clinic.

Cosmetic Dentistry EducationContinued cosmetic dentistry education like the American Academy of Implant Dentistry Conference that Dr. Lino and the rest of our Mexico dentists have been attending allows us to craft your smile using new procedures and techniques so each cheap dental work performed by our Mexico dental clinic is nothing but a masterpiece of a smile that you’ve always deserved.

If your dentist isn’t undergoing a continuing cosmetic dentistry education or plain continued dentistry education for that matter. You’re stuck with old procedures, old technolgy, old solution, and an obsolete practitioner so check out some certificate of attendance or trainings on your dentist’s clinic.

More often than not, your dentist will post proof of these trainings on their walls for patients like you to see. If you can’t find any, there’s a high chance that your dentist isn’t aware of the new development and dentistry tools available to improve his practice.

Though we won’t mention all of the continuing cosmetic dentistry education in this page, we will go into details on one of the most memorable cosmetic dentistry course we’ve taken. As mentioned, it’s with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry with superb, top of the line speakers in the dentistry field.

We’re talking about the American Academy of Implant Dentistry held at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. March 30, 31, and April 1st 2006.

cosmetic dentistry education dr daliseWe were very impressed with Dr. David Dalise, inventor of implant design, and founder of OCO Biomedical Company.

Here is a photo of Dr. Dalise, and myself on the left, and our dentist, Dr. Lino on the right.

Dr. Dalise has placed more than 15,000 implants in his career, from the old style blade implant, to the advanced designs that he himself invented.

He is a true innovator, with a total hands-on approach. He has very high energy, cares about people, and has truly done great things with his life and career. Imagine all of the lives he has changed because he was at the forefront of the implant industry, how he has given people back their dignity after tooth loss.

Implant dentistry really is life changing, and it was a great experience to be in the same room with some world-class dentists.

Here’s a List of Speakers on this Course:

This was an excellent seminar, and included many presentations on bone grafting and immediate loading of implants.

The main consensus was that it is time to reconsider immediate loading, which gives the patient an implant and temporary crown in the first visit.

There were many discussions about selecting the proper cases for immediate loading, and where it would work, and where it there is a possibility of failure.

The section on bone grafting was also very informative, with many techniques explained about using natural bone from the patient, synthetic bone, and bovine and cadaver bone.

Imtec staff in Mexico

Here is a photo of the Imtec staff in Mexico, from left to right. Jessica Mejia, Mexico. Mrs. Doretta Anderson, V.P. of Sales And Marketing, USA. Helen Stauser, Mexico. Myself, Nick Konev, and Dr. Leon.

Dr. Leon is also a great dentist, he is tireless, and has the energy of a teenager.

In his private practice, he places 7 to 10 implants PER DAY! Very impressive.

All in all, a very entertaining and educational seminar.