Dental implant pain is a common concern among patients who plan to undergo the procedure.  Since dental implants require surgery, which many consider to be a very intrusive procedure.

The fact is, simple implants placement is less traumatic than surgical extraction and if done correctly, shouldn’t even have post-operative pain.

If your dentist is following proper infection control during surgery, you shouldn’t even need antibiotics for post-operative infections though most dentists do administer antibiotics for extra protection.

Dental implant surgery is atraumatic so you don’t really need more than Advil (or Tylenol) for one or two days after the procedure but it’s important to adhere to the instructions given by your dentist on how to keep the area clean and free from debris to avoid infections.

Most patients even comment that the implant procedure is an easier and less painful experience compared to that of root canal though in general, there is some pain associated with implant during injection and surgery but patients are rewarded with NEW TOOTH where there was no tooth before.

And so just you know, we never experienced patients with lingering pain after the implant surgery; well, the dental implant procedure has 95% success rate and lingering pain are only experienced by patients who usually suffer from implant infections this can be considered a failure on the side of the dentist, so it’s important that you have your implants done by dentists experienced in placing dental implants.

If you’re one suffering from dental phobias, it would be assuring to know that there are no nerve-endings in the bone where implants are placed so pain is usually minimal.

Naturally, there would be some swelling and bruising at the side of the mouth where the implant was placed but they usually heal quickly just as any other bruise would.

In Mexican Dental Vacation, we administer one tablet of Valium about half an hour before surgery which makes them feel at ease during the surgery and they remember very little after the dose wears off.

Possible Causes of Post Operative Dental Implant Pain

If you’re one suffering from post-operative pain from dental implant, it’s always advisable to inform your dentist about the lingering pain so he can review the procedure once again and diagnose the problem since must have been a problem with his procedure.

The following are some of the possible causes of the lingering dental implant pain that you’re experiencing:

  • Screwing technique error
  • Bone infection
  • Unusual infection
  • Untreated infection
  • Dental Injury

After diagnosing the problem and properly identifying the cause of the post-operative pain from dental implant that you’re experiencing, your dentist should be able to prescribe the needed medication to address the issue.

Analgesics and anti-inflammatory can be prescribed for temporary pain relief, while antibiotics may be prescribed to subdue the infection if any. 

Contrary to popular belief and the fear of dental implant pain, any feared complications shouldn’t stop you from considering dental implants as an option to better teeth.

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