The first thing you should ask from a dentist is a complete dental implant price list or detailed quotation when planning to undergo a dental implant procedure so you know exactly how much you’ll spend for a mouth make-over.

Dental implants are one of the best ways to replace missing teeth but it’s also one of the most expensive dental procedures and since it’s considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure, very few insurance companies will cover these costs.

This is where a detailed quotation will come handy, preparing your budget for dental implant procedure is no joke and as you may know by now, the cost can be shocking.

On average, a single dental implant would cost you around $3,000 in the US. The price varies depending on the state you live in so might as well verify it with your dentist and ask for a complete dental implant price list.

There are many factors why dental implants carry such a high price tag. The following are one of those:

  • The Dentist’s education and experience – usually contributes to costs
  • Your location – price differs from country to country and even state to state
  • The materials used for your dental implant
  • Cost of imaging procedures like x-rays and other laboratory charges
  • Additional procedures that may be required like bone graft, extractions, etc.

There are many more factors that can affect the price of a dental implant procedure, remember, you’re basically undergoing a surgical procedure fix the screws that will hold your implants in place.

Depending on how many implants you need, the cost can be sky high, especially if it’s done in the US. No wonder why very few can afford this type of dental makeover.

That’s why people who first wanted to have dental implants usually end up with mini-dental implants instead which is only good for replacing small teeth but on average, it could reduce the dental implant price list down by 30%.

To make sure you get the best deal with a dental implant procedure, we suggest you scout around dentists in your area and ask for dental implant price list with regard your case so you can prepare enough budget for your procedure however, if you’re open to the idea of visiting us for a Mexican Dental Vacation down Mazatlan. We’d be glad to show you how you could save as much as 75% on our dental procedures.

We guarantee that we offer same quality service as quality US dental clinic! Not only that, the cost of the whole procedure and your vacation will be much lesser that whatever you’ll be spending when you have your dental implant done in the US.

But don’t take our word for it, do some inquiries and ask dental implant price list from your local dentist then get estimates and we’ll present you with our own for you to compare.