There’s a huge difference in dental implants average cost in the US with the ones we charge in Mazatlan.

Dental ImplantsMazatlan is the second largest city in Mexico and is also a popular tourist destination because of its uninterrupted beach lined with hotels and resorts.

Nicknamed the “Pearl of the Pacific”, Mazatlan can help ease the pain and ordeal of going through dental implants with its wonderful tourist destinations.

There are a lot of activities such as surfing, kayaking, non-water sports and casinos that can be seen almost everywhere; the Mazatlan Golden Zone is where most of the shopping places, restaurants and nightlife establishments are located which is very near major resorts and hotels in the beach line.

There are few countries who promote dental tourism that also provides affordable but good quality dental services while at the same time works around the patient’s itinerary so the patients can visit and enjoy the country tourist destinations.

Here in Mazatlan, Mexico we offer quality yet affordable dental services, while working around your schedule so you can tour Mazatlan and explore its great beaches and the many other tourist destinations that the country has to offer.  And it’s worth mentioning that the dental implants average cost in our area is easy on the pocket. We can assure that you’ll save as much as 80% compared to the dental implants average cost in any state in the US.

Dental implants are “artificial tooth root used in dentistry to support restorations that resemble a tooth or a group of teeth”; they look more natural than using crowns.

Most dental implants are done by surgery and comes with sedation and anesthesia so as not to feel the pain during the procedure. We have a dedicated page for dental implants here from which you can learn everything you need when it comes to dental implants.

Our dental implants average cost here in Mexican Dental Vacation in Mazatlan will not burn your pocket, something our past and on going clients can vouch for; good quality dental service that’s surely within your reach.

Now, what’s the difference between our dental implants average cost in figures with the ones you can get in the US?

In the US, dental implants average cost ranges from $4,400 to $10,000 these amounts are charged by small clinic mind you – more established ones can charge higher.

In Mexican Dental Vacation, we’ll only charge you $1,845 inclusive of abutment and crown which gives you an insane savings of at least 59%!

The dental implants average cost in the US above compared to our cost in Mazatlan, will make you realize just how much you can save if you have your implants done by us.

Also take note that the materials that our Mexico dentists use are the same as the ones used in the US as we’re importing the exact same materials and supplies from Connecticut. Superb work quality using exactly same materials at an insanely affordable cost; giving you more reasons why you should get more excited about your Dental Tourism here in Mexico.

The huge amount of savings means you’ll have more money for extra fun in Mexico or to stash away when you get home.

If you’re one worrying about where to get quality yet affordable dental services, worry no more, Mexican Dental Vacation gives superb dental solutions at a fraction of the cost you pay in the US.

A lot of US and Canadian citizens have tried our services since 2003 and they keep on coming back for their family’s dental care; our dentists are rich in experience and we make sure they’re updated through continuing education so we can assure that you’re in good hands.

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