I have an upper right bridge that was not fitted properly a few years ago.

I have seen 3 dentists who all said it would have to come out as there is an abscess and infection there.

Also the crowns next to the bridge (either 2 or 4 of them) need to be taken out to see if there is infection under there and also if the bone is strong enough if I get either implant, or bridgework or crowns.

There is also root canal work that needs to get done under the bridge. The dentists said the bridge would probably break if they work on the root canal as it was not put in properly. Then I need a implant for a missing tooth on the bottom right side of mouth. What could the cost be – an estimate.

I have all x rays from the dentists and time frame – how long would this all take to do please.

Maureen Mcwilliams
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Maureen,

I am sorry to hear about the dental difficulties you are having, we all want beautiful, functioning teeth, and we will do what we can to help.

In most cases, doing a root canal on a tooth with a crown or bridge over it requires the removal of the crown or bridge, performing the root canal treatment, and making a new crown or bridge for that tooth.

We can certainly do the required work for you, and we charge $350 for a root canal on any tooth, and $400 for each crown or bridge unit for porcelain on metal crowns, and $500 for metal-free crowns or bridge units.

Bridge units are determined by how many “teeth” are in the bridge, so for example, if you have 1 missing tooth, and a bridge is used to fill in the gap, then the bridge is a 3-unit, since a “tooth” unit is used to fill the gap, and 2 abutments (natural teeth) are used to support the bridge.

Our implant costs are $1845 per complete implant, which includes the implant body, abutment, and crown.

If you have x-rays and other diagnostic items, please feel free to send them to staff@mexicandentalvacation.com so that we can give you a more accurate diagnosis and cost.

We look forward to hearing from you, and will do all we can to help you get your teeth back into excellent condition.


Nick Konev, owner of Mexican Dental Vacation

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