At age 15 my front middle tooth was knocked out from child abuse. Several of my other teeth were fractured at the same time. A half of century later,three different bridges, 16 extractions, and multiple crowns and I still have night terrors from child abuse. Every-time that a cap or my bridge comes out, it is like being punched in the face over and over again. There are no dentists in the US that help people recover from abuse. When my bridge and crowns stay in, I sleep peacefully. It has been years since I have had more than one or two months without night terrors.

The trauma is never ending, as I brush my teeth and wonder which crown will come off next. The dentists , with their outrageously high prices, make it impossible for people to get quality dental work in the US. Yet US dentists travel to many countries, to do cosmetic and restorative dental work. Eating is painful, and causes unhealthy choices in food. Most foods that do not hurt to eat are not healthy foods. So we stay at the mercy of piece work dental restoration, that; fails by the time a person has the funds to get more patchwork dental work done.

Every time that I save up to try and get my teeth done all at once, prices skyrocket out of reach. There are the nightmare dentists that act like they care and understand. As soon as you have the procedure done and pay them: you can not get them to answer the phone to call the pharmacy for pain medicine they forgot to call in before you left their office. They just do not care about anything but overcharging people. To add insult to injury they send postcards asking for you to become a patient “”again””.

Another year has begun, with more online classes, because it is embarrassing to leave the house, let alone go to on campus classes. Being a nurse of 25 years, that needs to get a desk job, which means a higher degree is hard enough at middle age. Having to deal with painful teeth, while trying to study because we can not afford high priced US dentists is torture. Dentists here in the US care more about making BIG money, than; making a BIG difference in a persons quality of life.

by L Raulerson

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