Denture prices vary with the types of dentures you need. There are a lot of types of dentures available today, different situations calls for different dentures. Costs vary depending on your location too. The price range normally for dentures in the U.S. is from $300 to $3,000.

Denture Prices Dentures are basically prosthetic teeth that are used to replace teeth that have been extracted or ones that are missing. There are different denture designs, some are removable and some are implanted.

The purposes of getting a denture to vary from improving the ability to chew, improving the facial contour, being able to speak properly, and to increase one’s self esteem. It’s unquestionable that having a nice set of teeth greatly affects ones self-esteem.

Since we are talking about denture prices, let’s discuss the factors that make denture prices different.

  • Just like in any other product, dentures do have low-end and high-end models with varying prices. Also the price may differ depending on the dentist providing you the dentures. Prosthodontists usually charge more compared to cosmetic dentists. In the U.S., prices on the east coast differs with that in the mid-west.
  • The type of dentures you choose will also have an effect in the price; removable types are cheaper compared to that of dental implants.
  • Materials used in the dentures also affect the price.

These are some of the factors that directly affect denture prices.

Dentures come in different shapes and sizes; there are partial dentures and full dentures. However, some dentists have base costs regardless of the type you want installed.

There is a possibility that a partial denture and a full denture would cost the same. As the price lowers, the quality of the dentures may also be compromised especially in the US.

A  $300 basic dentures may not last long and not look as good as dentures priced at $2,000 or more. More expensive dentures also have warranties against cracking and chipping and can last several years.

Dentures can break, crack and chip, but when done and installed correctly, the dentures can last up to 10 years. Dentures made from durable quality materials, if well-taken cared of could last for a very long time.

Average prices in the northeast are the most expensive in the U.S. which costs around $3,000. This cost however is still exclusive of the dentist’s fees and tests that is required to identify which type of denture you need.

The next most expensive area in the U.S. for denture prices is the Pacific region where Dentures are priced at $2,800, other fees not included.

Prices in the Midwest and South are relatively lower averaging $2,700 but the cheapest region to get dentures in the U.S. is the Western region averaging at $2,650 which is far from the denture prices in Mazatlan. Looking closely, there is not much difference in the costs of dentures in the US. These are average costs; obviously some would still charge more than the region’s average and others relatively less.

Dentures are serious investments and you owe it to yourself to get ones that lasts. The boost in ones’ self-esteem and overall health that you get out of nice set of teeth is simply priceless. If you’ve been living with a bad set of teeth or with no teeth at all, dentures can change the way you live entirely.