I’m a mother of two young boys, I haven’t been to the dentist since I was 18 and had two wisdom teeth pulled.

I have teeth that have chipped and cracked everywhere because my mouth is dry and I started to have my jaw clench at night.

I went to the dentist in 2008 and at that point it would have been $10,000 for me to have the work done.

I can’t afford it by any means, I’m the only one working right now, my husband gets disability and my kids need me to work.

I want to get the work done that I need in 2012 (hopefully). I need the majority of my teeth pulled and implants or dentures.

I’m depressed because for years I had no reason to smile and now that I am a mother and feeling happy about life in general, I can’t show the world my feelings.

I’m self-conscious and wish that life could be better, knowing the dental work is the key.

by Jennifer
(West Hartford, CT, USA)

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