For years I have been trying to save my teeth with crowns then particles.

Carefully planning every aspect with my dentist of 25 years. After a insurance change at work the fees doubled in the middle of the process. My dentist refused the new insurance and demanded I pay almost 100 % of the costs requiring me to get loans since they don’t accept payment plans!I was so upset that 25 years and they weren’t willing to work with me.

After 6 months of crowns ,upper partial and lab fees for a lower partial the dentist told me I need dentures!!! Both uppers and lowers sending me to a specialist who required payment in full. So again I got a loan for the surgery. All my teeth were removed in June and bone morrow placed into the sockets.

I now have upper and lower dentures now and I have to have adjusted weekly for the last 6 months .

I HATE THEM! They hurt constantly. They move around and now they want me to get dental implants. They told me that’s the only way to keep them from moving! None of this was explained or told to me at the time they insisted on the dentures.

I am so depressed everyday I wish I would have thought about seeing another dentist and continued to save my existing teeth.

I truly hate my dentures. I can’t eat bread or a salad without gagging on the food. Denture creams and powder work sometimes but not for long.

I feel implants will be my only solution to this endless moving and pain which often result in cutting my gum/cheeks from these dentures. Please help me eat talk and smile without the worry of my teeth moving around.

I have insurance that may cover some of the expense/cost but I am still paying for the loan I got last year and probably still be paying for all of next year.

I haven’t gotten a raise in 3 years due to economy my husbands has no job and just recently got Social Security

The vacation to Mexico( my first one in 25 years) I did have planned last January had to be canceled so that I could get my teeth finished, I didn’t expect them to be removed as the end resulted in!

Thanks for taking the time to hear me out.

by Sonja
(Seattle, Wa. USA)

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