I live in Boston Massachusetts and of course everyone here knows that dental work in The United States can be quite expensive and coupled with a bad attitude and little regard for myself I did not do a great job brushing or flossing my teeth. As a result I ahve alot of cavities and I need about seven crowns.

A few years ago I said a prayer and I simply asked God to begin to show me: ME. What this means is I asked him to show me no tonly my good qualities but all the things that are keeping me from living a good life. Those who are believers know that once you ask something of God and if it is in his will then he will grant it. Slowly I began to see that I was wasting my life and living in a negative attitude. So my second prayer was to simply do my best and correct all the mistakes I have made in my life.

Again a true believer knows he does not ask of God and simply sit back and wait for something to fall into your lap so I began to actively search for a dentist that could assist me. After several searches I thought I found a good dentist. When I arrived I was greeted by a freindly assistant who took x-rays of my mouth but as soon as the consultation began things took a dark turn.

Since my teeth are in such bad condition they started to make me feel uncomfortable. The assistant was very cold to me and said in a harsh tone, “You shouldn’t let your mouth get like that, just take care of them” She rolled her eyes and left me in the room by myself.

When the dentist looked in my mouth he blew air on certain parts of my mouth…once his examination was done he removed his goggles and explained what my treatment would be. He ran it down very quickly and left the room. He did not shake my hand or make me feel comfortable about what was happening. I put on my coat and cried all the way home. I couldnt blame God or anyone else for the condition of my mouth but I wont let that get me down. I still try my best to smile.

When it comes to eating I cannot chew so I opt to eat soft foods or something that wont hurt my mouth too badly. I cannot laugh out loud for fear someone will see the decay in my mouth. When I laugh around my eight year old he always asks me why my teeth are brown and black. With this I encourage him to brush and floss his teeth so he does not end up like me.

I cannot sing the way I would like to in church because I am fearful someone might look into my mouth and see all my horrible teeth. I dont know what else to do and I was hoping if I stepped out on faith that maybe something positive can come out of this entry.

Thanks you for your time. I am glad I was able to tell m y story and someone can learn from my mistakes.

God bless.

Rachelle Dont Open Your Mouth in Boston Massachusetts

by Rachelle Sully
(Mattapan Massachusetts)

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