I have always had trouble with my teeth.My mother had false teeth and I always felt sorry for her because she was ashamed of her teeth, she now has passed away.

I was in and out of the dentist office as child,root canals,fillings and and missing teeth.Ive always hid my smile to spare people.Then I had children and that was the end of me getting to go to the dentist,there teeth had to come first.

I am 49 years old and now have grandchildren,so I try to help them take care of there teeth.I now have a partial and other missing teeth and my front tooth turned totaly brown,so embarrassing. People tell me I look great for my age,but I have to hide my smile, my teeth look so bad.

I just got married and my husband does not know I have a partial, but I know he probably knows why I hide my smile, he is to sweet to say anything. We don’t have health or dental insurance and he does not have the money to fix my teeth.

I work at a shelter for women and children in Birmingham and it does not pay much but I love my job and it is very rewarding.

I have to speak in front of the clients and volunteers and sometimes hiding my smile gets old. I must admit it gets me down sometimes. But I do keep counting my blessings. I want my husband to be proud of me when he introduces me to his family and friends and a pretty smile would be so nice.

I have hidden my teeth all my life. I never smoked cigarettes and I floss what teeth I have left but a dentist told my mother my teeth are cavity prone. I gave up on my teeth when I was a teenager. But then growing up I tried harder to take care of them, but no money and no insurance led to more teeth problems.

So now I’m just basicly brushing my cavities, locking the door so my husband doesn’t see me take my partial out,which is so embarrassing.

I always notice a person’s beautiful teeth,and I can’t help but wonder how good they must feel to be able to smile.

by Patrice M

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