The amazing facts about Mexico definitely make it one of the most incredible places to visit.

Mexico has a wide variety of culture, unique dishes, magnificent art pieces, picturesque sceneries and that’s without even mentioning the matchless hospitality of its people.

mexico mayan templePerhaps, one of the most important facts about Mexico that you should be aware of is that it houses many of the world’s superb beaches that are bathed by pristine clear water which is perfect to bond and enjoys life with your loved ones.

Visiting Mexico will let you experience true history than by just reading a book about it; for instance, the ruins and temples of the Mayans and Aztecs – tells about the civilizations of the older times.

Mexico, the fourteenth largest country in the world and the fifth largest in America houses the largest populace of Spanish speaking people in the world and you get to interact with some on your visit! Habla Espanol??

Traveling to Mexico makes one experience the life of the locals especially as one gets exposed to their multitude of customs and traditions.

You will be amazed with their music and once you listen to one,  you’d agree that their instrumentals are simply soul-exhilarating. And their folklore will surely fascinate you as they somewhat reflects Mexico’s old and modern destinations.

Among the activities you may want to experience while in Mexico are water sports, horseback riding on the beach, archaeological tours, bird watching, jungle exploration, and many more.

Really, Mexico is the place to be!

Experience Mexican Cuisine

While some travelers tour places for sight-seeing marvelous scenes, most of the travelers are excited to visit Mexico for its fine cuisine.

mexico foods

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One of the popular facts about Mexico that is known in various parts of the world; Mexicans prepare the best fajitas, quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos, nachos and the famous tacos.

You can also find varied world-class steak houses that your Mexico vacation into a truly-remarkable experience.

Mexico boasts of a wide array of restaurants, of every kind – all of them offer delicious recipes so it isn’t really just all traditional Mexican recipes; taste Spanish, Chinese, Argentinean, French, and even Italian cuisines while in Mexico.

Eco Adventures in Mexico

A variety of spectacular landscapes fascinate every traveler in Mexico. You will appreciate and love nature and wildlife even more with the vast rainforests, high mountains, superb beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, and many more which you will encounter during your visit.

You will also discover rare and incredible species of plants and animals that you’ll only see in Mexico.

Mexico is actually, one of the seventeen mega-diverse countries in the world. It houses a harmonious kingdom of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and flora.

Life shouldn’t be stressful everyday; you need to enjoy it and the beautiful sights and magnificent discoveries you’ll experience will let you forget about it all and will rejuvenate you into a new you.

Visiting Mexico’s thirty-four preserved ecosystems and a number of parks and monuments, the seventeen sanctuaries and twenty-six areas for protected and preserved species of animals and plants will change your life forever.

The Beaches of Mexico

Travelers prefer Mexico as a place to have their vacation because of what they have researched and heard, most especially, their discovery of the facts about Mexico’s pristine sandy beaches that stretch in its coastline.

With coasts along the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Gulf, and the Pacific Ocean, no doubt, Mexico is popular as one of the world’s greatest beach destinations.  There are various fun activities to experience along the coast such as scuba diving, parasailing, kayaking, water skiing, snorkeling, fishing, and surfing.

It’s also great to watch romantic sunsets, dine by the beach, sip a colorful cocktail, and receive a soothing massage on the beach.

You can choose from a variety of beachfront resorts and hotels that are truly high-class and packed with excellent amenities.

Mexico is a Romantic Haven

Because of its matchless sceneries, Mexico is undoubtedly one of the most romantic spots you and your beloved can visit. In fact, it is one of the most visited countries by couples who choose to have their weddings and honeymoons – this is one of the facts about Mexico that you’ll definitely love to experience yourself as it’s simply unforgettable!

The wonderful sunset and calm beaches are perfect for lovers to walk hand in hand, strengthen the shared love that ties them together.

Exchanging vows on the stunning beach of Mexico is very a treasured moment. That is why many couples dream to tie the knot in one of the scenic beaches of Mexico.

Mazatlan: The Pearl of the Pacific, Pride of Mexico

One of the extraordinary places in Mexico is the Mazatlan. This place is filled with beaches; some of which are even semi-virgin.

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Mazatlan is located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. It has its own international airport that offer flights to Canada and the United States – hence, making it very accessible to those who plan to have their Mexican dental vacation.

Some of the finest beaches in Mazatlan are Olas Altas (High Waves), Playa Norte (North Beach), Los Pinos (The Pines), Camaron (Shrimp), Gaviotas(Seagulls), Playa Escondida (Hidden Beach), El Delfin (The Dolphin), and Cerritos (Little Hills).

Olas Atlas lets you experience exciting surfing adventures. Plaza Sabalo is popular with its large crowds enjoying the exhilarating activities such as beach volleyball, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, and many more while Cerritos Beach provides a majestic setting for you to relax under the warm sun.

What’s more, Mazatlan makes your trip even more ideal with its great accommodations. One of the most recognized hotels in Mazatlan is the Hotel La Siesta, seated right in front of the bay.  Nestled in the historic part of Mazatlan, Old Mazatlan Inn makes your stay tranquil. It also allows you to see Mazatlan’s cultures, arts, and traditions.

Another interesting place in Mazatlan is the Casa Lucila Hotel Boutique, mainly because of its uniqueness (no two rooms in this hotel are the same). The pride of Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay is its private beach. Also, another fine hotel that surely can make your visit somewhat exciting and memorable is the Hotel Ramada Resort, located in the Zona Dorada (Golden Zone). (Click here for our Bed and Breakfast recommendations)

Nightlife in Mazatlan is filled with dancing, partying, and live entertainment—which surely make your vacation even more splendid.

A variety of bars, lounges and nightclubs can be discovered mostly in Golden Zone and Fiesta Land.In fact, in Fiesta Land you can see bright white lights in the sky inviting visitors to join in the eventful night. Among the most popular are Bora Bora and Valentino’s Fiesta Club where you can find extreme party ambiance.

Some of these several awesome excursions will allow you to take photos as much as you can. All these and more will absolutely make your trip to Mazatlan, Mexico matchless and simply the best. Unquestionably, Mexico is one of the most versatile vacation destinations around the world!

So, are you now decided hop aboard to Mazatlan? Escape from the daily pressures of your life. Book your tickets now, and get ready to experience the one-of-a-kind trip of your life.

In Mazatlan, you will truly enjoy life at its finest! Enjoy minute after minute of your Mexico vacation.

And while you’re here discovering many more unkown facts about Mexico for yourself, feel free to drop by our office for a free dental checkup! You can schedule your visit here.