Hello my name is Jennifer and this is my story…

I have 3 beautiful boys; 2-month-old Angel, 2 year old little Sergio, and 3 year old Joseph. I have been with their father Sergio since we were in high school since November 2000.

My parents strongly disapproved of our relationship and my father still does to this day 10 years later. For many years my parents tried to keep me away from Sergio they said he was no good for me. My dad said “Love doesn’t put food on the table! Find some one you will benefit from.” They did everything they could to separate us. They sent me far away to stay with relatives, my dad beat me up and they kept me locked up at home and even took me out of school. But I loved him so so much I knew in my heart he was the one for me. I didn’t care if he was from a poor family, or that my parents thought he was a loser. That doesn’t matter to me its whats in the heart of the person that counts. And his heart is full of LOVE!

When I finally turned 18 i left my home to go live with Sergio. My parents were angry and disappointed with me and didn’t talk to me.
I had a good job at a casino and life was great together.

I became pregnant on September of 2004, we were so happy! And I told everyone I knew about my pregnancy. But that happiness didn’t last for long because on December, 2004 I had a miscarriage. It was a horrible and painful experience. The doctor at the hospital told me that my baby’s heart stopped beating, I cried and I asked him if he was sure and if he can double check. He said “well what do you want me to do? I can’t make the baby’s heart beat again! Then he sent me home.

A D&C surgery wasn’t done until 3 weeks later after I had a severe haemorrhage of blood loss. I grew into severe depression and no one seemed to notice or care. I grew bitter and angry at the world, but Sergio stuck by my side. I neglected my health and my appearance, we both did. I quit my job because I was tired of people asking me, “what happened weren’t you pregnant?” I later was in a deep dark hole I couldn’t get out of for a long, long time.

My dad finally offered me help. He said he would buy me a car, and give me money but only with the condition if I left Sergio. But nope I don’t think so, he’s my best friend and I wasn’t going to leave him behind. I didn’t eat well for so long; I was very skinny, and my teeth began to go downhill at the age of 19, Sergio’s teeth also especially since Sergio has never been to a dentist in his entire life! His mother is deaf, she raised him and his 4 brothers and sisters by herself and she tried her best.

It’s hard to eat food, it’s embarrassing and is also very painful for both of us.

We want to get married soon; I don’t care for a fancy wedding, all I wish is to be able to smile bright on that day. I would love to kiss Sergio the way we used to kiss in high school. If we had new smiles we would be so much more confident to speak, laugh, and smile together. I would love a family portrait with my kids with all of our happy smiles in it. It is my dream and wish! I asked God to help us in my search for our new smile for me and my love Sergio. I came upon this web site so it doesn’t hurt to try right? I beg you to please consider our story.

Thank you.

Jennifer and Sergio
(San Jacinto, California)

You are your husband’s crown
by: Anonymous 

I am so blessed to have read your story! Wow! I am so sorry for your loss and well I know like I know like I know! You will have a baby! A healthy happy baby! I feel it in my bones.

I hope and pray for God to pour down blessings upon you…I mean so much so that there is no room to receive it. Take care and God bless you and Sergio! He is a super guy for a super woman.


good luck
by: Anonymous 

wow, sounds like you’ve been through a lot. I’m happy you are happier know with your family and things are good besides your teeth. 

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