I am a 40 year-old mother that has put myself on the back burner. My family comes first so about 6 years ago I stopped working to take care of my daughter who suffers from Lupus, there was not even a second thought on what I had to do.

Now through the years I have lost several teeth in the front and back of my mouth and I can’t stand my own smile anymore.

My self-esteem I don’t have anymore. I stopped going out and do not even have friends over anymore. I feel as if I look like the toothless monster. I need to now get back in the work place but I feel that my mouth stops me from getting some of the jobs that I have interviewed for.

I know that there are a lot of stories that touches the heart, I hope mine is one of them and I am blessed with the dental work, all money that I receive goes on my family and their needs.

I need a blessing so that I can get back into the workforce and become as confident and self sufficient person as I once was, hoptam70(at)yahoo.com is my email information, I hope to be one of the winners.

Thank You
Ms. Tammy J Reed

(Atlanta, Georgia)

Hi Tammy,

Having dental problems and teeth that make you feel self conscious is one of the most life-changing things that can happen to a person. It can make you feel less human, and like someone that cannot be loved as a normal person.

Fortunately, a good dentist can make all of those problems and feelings literally go away overnight. It is amazing the kind of transformations that we have seen in our office of people that were once in the worst possible place in their life, and then as if reborn after getting their beautiful smile back! It is the number one reason that we do what we do as a business, and we look forward to changing your life as well.

Good luck, and you are definitely in the running for the free dental implants from Mexican Dental Vacation!

by: Nick Konev 

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