I am an OLD gringo born January 16, 1930.
I was raised on a 120-acre farm 15 miles east of Hugo, Oklahoma, USA.

My father was a full time engineer on the Frisco railroad, so I milked the cows twice every day, feed the hogs, chickens, dogs, cats, turkeys, plowed, planted, baled hay, etc. I did not receive much education.

The week I turned 18 years old I joined the US Navy. I stayed in 20 years. I was in Shanghai, China in 1949 when the China was invaded. I was in the Vietnam and Korea battle zones.

Shortly before I retired from the Navy, I was talking on a phone when lightning hit the phone line close to the house I was in.

The next thing I knew, I was walking down a dark hallway. I could see lights ahead. I checked myself. I seemed I was OK. Maybe I had gone crazy! I went to the light and saw two nurses. I ask them where I was and what was wrong with me.

Both of the nurses laughed, one told me to go back to bed. I turned and walked away, but I didn’t know where my bed was! I went back to the nurses and asked them where my bed was. They laughed and one nurse took me to my bed.

I later learned that the electric from the lighting came thru the phone, melted the inside of the phone, burning out my left eardrum, burned a hole in my left eye and went out the left side of my body and burned the screw black that held the back pad to the chair I was setting in. I fell over out of the chair and started flopping around like a fish out of water.

My brother-in-law jumped on me and gave me CPR. It didn’t work, so he jumped with his knees on my back. That worked.

As time passed I recovered some. My memory is still bad. My left eyesight is bad. My hearing is bad. I am old and senile and some of my teeth are missing. My left top front tooth is missing.

That bugs me a bunch.

I would really like to have a tooth implant!

by Willard Thurman Bateman
(Granger, Indiana, USA)

Hi Willard,

That is a very strange and interesting story, I have never heard of someone being hit by lightning that way before. I thank you for your service to our country, and will definitely consider your entry for the free dental implants!

from Nick Konev, owner of Mexican Dental Vacation

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