I am a full-time worker, 49, and mother of four in kansas.

I have had recent problems over the last five years with my teeth. Two molars one on each side on my uppers were pulled which made all my teeth spread, so I now have a big space between my two front teeth.

A cracked bicuspid that fell apart after several hundred dollars of repair plus the spaces have made my smile be something that I try to hide. Hand in front of my mouth when I laugh, or turn my head.

The dentist here wants $17,000.00 u.s. dollars for his plan for my teeth. He pulled out my four bottom teeth which I knew no problem with. So I now have a “flipper” or partial denture on the bottom. And all of that was done while my husband had insurance. Still paid 3,000 from my pocket and cannot smile at people.

I am divorced now and cannot face the thought of life without smiling and looking in the eyes of people for the duration of my life. I must have some reconstruction done at a reasonable cost.

I enjoy talking and smiling to all people, anywhere and I prefer to not hide my smile with my hand. I am willing to pay decent money for decent work but will not pay a whole year’s salary for a few days work.

I am happy to go to Mexico and receive quality care at a reasonable price. And bring some friends too!! If I can get a vacation and my smile without shame I will be happy for years to come.

by Lisa

Considerable dental work for a reasonable cost
by: Nick Konev, owner of Mexican Dental Vacation 

Hi Lisa,

It seems that you need considerable dental work, and would love to get your smile back!

We are dedicated to helping people such as yourself, and should you win our contest, we can do all that we can to help.

Dr. Isabel has recently joined our team, and she is a board certified Prosthodontist, and specializes in restoring a person’s smile, and is the best possible specialist when it comes to working on a case where considerable dental work is needed to restore the smile and functions of your teeth.

We will announce our winner on January 1st. 2011, and good luck to all!

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