by C.K.

I am a busy mother of 3 children under 3. I have a full upper denture and a bottom partial. It was the worst mistake I ever made.

I was very young, I had a severe eating disorder for 5 years which decayed my teeth.

I was very embarrassed about my condition so it took a lot for me to go to a dentist, so when I finally did I was told I would need crowns on all of my teeth which I couldn’t afford.

The dentist went on to tell me that if I financed the work I would be taking away from my child-(my first which had just been born)- He then went on to tell me that I did this to myself and would have to deal with dentures.

I thought he would give me some time to think about it and was just going to fill the tooth that was bothering me. He pulled my molars with out my consent. When I protested after he pulled one he said it was for the best and gave me laughing gas. I felt awful afterward and thought he might have been right, that I was being selfish.

I never wanted to go to the dentist again so I resorted to dentures. It has been like a nightmare ever since. My “teeth” have cracked 5 times, they look nothing like my natural teeth did and they have never fit.

I can’t eat very many foods without them cracking. They changed my whole face, I know I shouldn’t be so vain but I just want to look like myself. Every time I look in the mirror or go to a family dinner and can’t eat most of the food that was prepared I want to cry. I used to smile a lot but now I try not to.

I feel like my children would have a better mother if I would get implants to replace my teeth. I am terrified someone will find out I have dentures so I lock myself in the bathroom when I clean them and glue them back in, three year old say the darndest things in public!

I am so ashamed of my situation and I just need this one piece of the puzzle to put my life back together. This is very important to me. I am working as many jobs as I can right now to save for a full mouth of implants w/crowns, if I could get 2 of them for free it would mean the world to me.

I would be a great candidate as I am a non smoker, I don’t drink and I have fully recovered from my eating disorder.

Please help me get my life back!

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, C.K.

Dentures are a pain

Hi C.K.

Most people that have dentures are not happy with them, they don’t feel right in your mouth, they mask the taste of food, they don’t fit right, and on and on.

Also, when teeth are missing, the human body will start to remove the bone in that region, and the ridges of your mouth where the teeth used to be will get smaller and smaller, giving you a “mouth caved in” look. Luckily, the sooner you get implants, the more bone your body will retain, and the better you will look and feel.

Dental implants to support teeth are definitely the way to go, and we can certainly help you out should you win the free dental implant contest.

by: Nick Konev, owner of Mexican Dental Vacation 

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