Hi, I am 31 yrs old and have been suffering from dental problems since I was 20 yrs old.

Like everyone else, I am poor and can’t afford the costs of these procedures in the U.S. I am hoping to win this contest so that I can smile at the girl I love again.

I have been in love with this girl since we were 14 yrs old. She is the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world.

All I want to do is fix my teeth so I can ask her to marry me. It’s a delicate situation, she knows I love her but I’m too ashamed of my teeth to ever kiss her or even smile.

So right now she’s dating someone and she doesn’t want to hurt my feelings so we’re not speaking.(happy times) But I know that if I went to her and serenaded her with my acoustic and an attractive smile she would melt on the spot.

I am desperate to get this done soon because she’s 31 too and she’s not gonna wait around for me. I mean I don’t think it’s shallow of her to cross me off because my teeth are horrible.

All I would need is several implants and my life would be livable again. I mean I’m really depressed over this. I have trouble on job interviews and feel awkward in social situations, but the fact that my teeth are costing me the love of my life is heart-wrenching.

Whoever is reading this, if you’ve ever been in love please consider me. I’m doing everything in my power to restore my teeth.

I’m going to clinics, social services, charities, writing into talk shows for cosmetic makeovers. The dental schools around here have 4yr waiting lists.

I pray to God every night for a miracle and do everything I can but I am still suffering. Please give me the chance to be with my love again.

(Port Jefferson NY)

Owner of Mexican Dental Vacation
by: Nick Konev 


Getting the girl of your dreams with a beautiful smile is a great reason to win this contest!

We will certainly be entering your story in our contest, and should you win, I am sure that you will be successful in getting that girl of your dreams!

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