Bad Teeth

Hi my name is Debbie Harshbarger. I live in Lehigh Acres FL, I have type1 diabetes and my teeth are falling out I have had diabetes for 47 years my permanent teeth got damage when I got diabetes at 17 months I have no enamel on my permanent teeth, I no longer smile do to not having all my teeth I am so unhappy about not having my teeth there are times I cry.

Me and my husband is having our 32 anniversary July 20 and he would like to have our photo taken and I side “NO” I have not all my teeth.

I do not have any way to pay to go to get dental work done do to we live on a fixed income.

This would be a blessing to win to have my teeth fix then I could smile and be happy I have always told my husband I wish I could get dental implants.

by Debbie Harshbarger
(Lehigh Acres,FL)

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