My story begins sometime after 4th grade, because I don’t remember going to a dentist before that time. When we moved to Oklahoma when I was 7 and I was not aware of dentists, I knew what they were, but that really had no relevance in my life. I brushed my teeth like I should, at least as I’d been told to do.

When I turned 9 and going into 4th grade I believe that to be my first dental appt. After seeing the dentist, I recall the dentist telling my mother that I had 4 or 5 cavities. I didn’t think much about it until I was sitting in the chair getting drilled on. The needle, the smell of the office, I sat as still as I could with my shoulders as close to my ears as physically possible! My hands gripped the chair, yes, my knuckles were white!

I don’t know how often I went to the dentist, but I know that each time I went, I had more and more cavities. At one point in my early teen years, I received the wonderful news that I had 13 cavities!!!


Now, my family didn’t have much money, and so dental visits were probably way down on the list of things that were considered necessary… so every few years, I got to go in and endure what I considered pain and angst!

Then, before I went off to college I had my wisdom teeth removed, and the next set of new fillings were done. Wonderful.

My little sister had not one cavity in her head. Not ONE!! How is this possible? She brushed less than I did growing up! (To this day she has had only one cavity in her whole life)

So, not long after I got to college, I needed another cavity filled, except for this time I had it filled on a Friday, the dentist was going out of town for the weekend and it got impacted!!! Another dentist saw me on Monday afternoon after holding luke warm water in my mouth and taking pain killers all weekend long… he rammed his finger up the inside of my gum and tooth~I nearly came out of the chair~LITERALLY, and then he said yeah, you have a sinus infection. Needless to say, I couldn’t see I was crying so hard and in so much pain. After that, I think the other dentist in town finally got back from his getaway and pulled my tooth. So, that was the beginning of the pulling.

Over the next 24 years I have managed to spend about 40,000.00 dollars on my teeth. With literally nothing to show for it! Fillings & more fillings, roots canals, caps, post caps ~ only to finally end up losing most of my upper teeth that had been worked on. That money(40,000.00) is an estimate. I have had dental insurance, and I’m glad, otherwise the total would be so much more.

I currently owe 200.00(my part that my dental doesn’t cover) and I’m scheduled to get more work done. They gave me an estimate of 700.00. I can’t keep doing this.

I don’t know what action I should take next. I continue to put more and more money into my mouth and it all just turns out bad.

I don’t think there has been but one dental trip in my whole life that the dentist said, you’re good to go, no cavities~I can’t tell you the shock I felt.

I plan on getting the implants done, but in what period of time I couldn’t say. I’m a single mother of 1, and raising her on my own can be costly. I think that I would be a good candidate for financial help. In life I know that when you “pay it forward” it always comes back to you.

Hopefully, this will be my time in getting it to come back around to me.

Thank you for your consideration. I think that what you’re doing is a good thing to do for anyone.

God bless you and all your families~



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