Seniors Week Entertainment

Hi…My name is Wendy and I am a 54yo Entertainer from Australia.
When I was a little girl I had a lot of trouble with Bronchitis and other respiratory problems It led to lots of antibiotics…which in turn Yellowed my teeth. Kids can be so cruel, and I coped a lot of teasing in my younger years.

As I grew up my teeth became brittle and started to literally fall out. I eventually ended up with Dentures, both upper and lower.
2 years ago I ended up with cancer above my top lip…I had radiation for near 6 weeks, then 12 months later on 13th September 2010 I had to have my Left Lung removed due to Lung Cancer. Breathing is ok …walking is the problem, but I can sing sitting down. Having Implants would be something that could and would give me back my life..

Thank you for listening, and kindest Regards

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