by Kate Reust
(Seatte, WA )

12 years ago – my son was in his early teens and struggling with having to discover he’d inherited his fathers degenerative dental conditions.

10 years ago – he was sitting behind the driver of a small car one rainy day – and KNEW he had better buckle up. Just as he finished listening to this small inner voice, the car slid on the rainy road, sliding sideways off the road and hitting a tree. He “face planted” into the back of the drivers headrest.

3 months later – he had to have root canals on all 4 front teeth. This procedure was not a success sadly. And the teeth have disintegrated along with most others.

He is an amazing individual who’s self-confidence would be greatly enhanced by your services!

To not have to pay for this segment of the treatment he needs would be a blessing!

Please!!!!!!! I need help!!!!!!!
by: Michael Knight 

Now im 12 years and me and my cousins were playing tag. My female cousin accidently sticks out her metal lip gloss case. I run into it,and my mouth was swolen, and when I looked in the mirror…… I no longer had a straight smile. Plus being 12 going on 13 you have to deal with bullys and other issues.

Thank you!
by: Kate 

Doctor Nick — got your message and sent back a reply via email. Waiting on an answer.
🙂 My son and I are both humbled and grateful he was selected.
The email was from kate [at] Crysalis Center . Com

If you didn’t receive it – I will gladly resend.

Blessings !


Congratulations!!!!! You are the winner of the contest!
by: Nick Konev, owner of Mexican Dental Vacation 

Hi Kate,
Congratulations, you are the winner of the contest! However, you did not include an email address or any way to contact you, so please go to to fill out our contact form, and we will contact you. We need to know a few details of the patient.

Also, please be advised that this contest is for 2 free dental implants only, and does not include airfare, accommodations, or food and meals.

Although the contest is for 2 free dental implants, we may also include some additional dental work for free, at our discretion.


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