by Diane Armstrong
(Indian Trail, NC USA)

I have had problems with my only remaining lower molar since I was a teenager and I am now 52.

I’ve had fillings, crown, root canals, you name it I’ve had it done to this tooth. About 9 years or so ago a dentist talked to me about implant.

I was intrigued but the cost is outrageous and the coverage I had at the time did not cover implants. So we never proceeded but every time I went in for a cleaning we would discuss. In the meantime the crown broke as it was pretty old. I had a large hole in my tooth but I still couldn’t afford the crown much less an implant so I let the tooth go. I still did my cleanings and the dentist tried to get me to do the implant.

Over the last few years my tooth would chip away but not enough for me to do anything. A little over 2 years ago my tooth finally cracked.

Now a little history about me and this tooth. I have some molars missing for as long as I can remember and I know doing an implant would mean I would have to get my tooth pulled and I was scared! I don’t know anything about when or why I was missing some teeth all I knew was I was hanging on to this 1 tooth. When it cracked I knew I had no other option. I called my dentist and told him what happened. He already knew of my fear and decided it was best to give me gas. They gave me as much gas as they were allowed and still I was terrified but we proceeded ahead. It had to be done. The tooth came out in several pieces. He had to file away some bone to place my gum over it. When I got home a few hours later the novacaine wore off and I was in intense pain. The pain lasted for 10 days.

Well the following year when it was time for my flex allocation I decided to take enough to do the implant. Something else medically came up and I couldn’t do it. When it was time for the year latter allocation I took even more money figuring it would be enough when if I had medical. Well on new years day I cracked a virgin tooth! I went to see my dentist and it was not good. He was afraid he would have to pull it and knowing how I am he told me the other option was root canal, post and crown but my tooth did not have much of a ledge to support a crown so he was going to cut away some gum and proceed one step at a time and if he felt it was not going to work the tooth would come out. He’s a good dentist! He saved the tooth but between all the work I needed and my husband needed crowns there went all my flex money.

In the meantime when my husband and I traveled to Cancun last fall he actually had some dental work done there and it got me to thinking maybe I need to travel out of the US for my implant. So several weeks ago when I planned my flex allocation for next year I took enough for an implant. Last week I was told I need surgery for a pre-cancer lesion and needed to do as soon as I can. My surgery is set for 1/20/10 but with my high deductible and out of pocket it will probably use all my money again. I can’t keep putting this off but something always seems to get in the way. So when I came across this I decided it was worth a shot. Maybe I will get lucky and I can “win” a free implant.

Thank you for your consideration.


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