For many of our patients, the answer is a resounding… YES! So how can low cost dental implants significantly change your life?

  • Your Smile – First impressions count! If missing, deformed or decaying teeth are keeping you from greeting your associates, friends & family with a large, genuine smile, affordable dental implants can be the start of whole new life! 
  • Chewing – Good nutrition and digestion begins in your mouth. Did you know that if you’re not properly chewing your food, you’re not getting the full benefits of what you’re eating? 
  • Speech – Your jaw and your teeth must be in good health in order to speak correctly. Slurring, mumbling, faltering speech, or lisping with improperly fitting dentures may turn some people off, and it is 100% correctable. 
  • Halitosis – Or better known as bad breath. Many people do not realize that decaying teeth can cause this extremely unpleasant and socially awkward condition. Replacing those teeth with low cost dental implants and crowns can go a long way in reversing this distressing problem. 
  • Overall proper mouth function – By giving your mouth an overall better appearance and movement, your daily life will be so much easier – and healthier! 

If you’ve been embarrassed because of poor jaw or mouth movements, if your teeth are stopping you from smiling, if your appearance and quite possibly your health may be suffering because of dental problems.

Implants can literally make a world of difference

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Some questions to ask when thinking about dental implants …

It’s best to be fully informed before considering any dental procedure, and we strive to give you the best information available.

“What are dental implants?”

Dental implants are titanium “screws” implanted (set) into the jaw bone in place of your teeth. They are the most permanent and trouble free solution to missing teeth.

These dental implants are quite versatile, being used for replacing a single tooth, several missing teeth, or even all teeth on the upper or lower jawbone – known as arches in dentistry …read more about dental implants here.

“How much are dental implants?”

Mexican Dental Vacation is the only dental office in Mazatlan run by an American for Americans and Canadians.

We are committed to providing the highest quality dental products, manufactured in the USA. And because our office is located in beautiful Mazatlan Mexico, we can offer you a significant savings … read more about dental implants cost. here

“Where to get cheap dental implants?”

Low cost dental implants are the same quality titanium implants that are used in the USA … they are actually manufactured in the USA to the highest standards.

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Special Note: Not every patient is a candidate for dental implants, and we reserve the right to refuse placing implants in certain cases. Especially when there is an underlying bone disease, dental implants may fail, some almost immediately, some after several months. There may simply not be enough strength in the bone foundation to properly seat the implants.

We do not guarantee success, but the success rate for dental implants has been shown to be better than 98%, based on the American Dental Association’s tracking of results since dental implants were first introduced to patients to replace missing teeth. 

(This text was not written by a dentist and uses information about dental implants available in the public domain.)