by Kim
(Calhoun GA)

I needed a bridge in the back of my mouth because I had lost a molar when I was young. I paid a lot of money and got a “bridge” but the dentist gave me TMJ and also broke both of my teeth holding the bridge in place. I had to have a root canal to stop the severe pain in one of the teeth and my gums swell and infect where the dentist broke the teeth.

I lost 2 top teeth to root canals because my roots take a 90 degree turn at the ends. Then I had a wisdom tooth with a crown that the other dentist did badly and it fell off. On the top I had a big molar that was badly filled and it cracked and part of the tooth fell off so I need a crown on that tooth.

I deserve to have teeth that are done right. I deserve a good dentist who can make it right. I have paid a lot of money and gotten nothing but bad dental work and pain.

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