My husband grew up ion a hutterite colony in which he had no tooth brushes and toothpaste. He left at an early age so his teeth were never looked after and he was shown how to look after them;7 yrs ago he was crying so he had to go to a dentist here in Canada. He had his top teeth pulled and dentures put in.

We currently have three children in which just got $4,000.00 worth of dental done. Two of them needed braces which is $15,000.00 and my oldest needs her wisdom teeth surgically removed which is going to cost $2,800 dollars.

We do have work benefits but really they cover none of those, just basic dental.

I have a tooth that has chipped and is in need of repair, my husband will make sure he always goes without so his family has what they need; technically, a family of 5, being my husband, myself, my 14yr old (high school), my 18year old( high school), and 22 yr old college and training and getting ready to join the army and me being sick this year and him only having one income with piles of bills and gone through bankruptcy. I really cant see my husband being able to afford to do his dentist work. He needs teeth pulled dentures on top because they are broken and he has crazy glued them and he needs a bridge and crowns on the bottom he has 5 teeth and he is very embarrassed about them.

He always has bad breath and we don’t kiss anymore because of his teeth which makes me sad. Plus we have been together 20 yrs and have never been on a trip so I thought we could look at some different culture at the same time.

Personally I don’t think we can afford to do any of the dentist work with any of the family but he always puts his family first for once it would like to put him first.

Please help!


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