by Brandy
(anthem az)

I am 30 years old and I have over come allot. I have Ra very bad and has made my teeth poor looking. I have a disabled son and a 5 year old girl.

I have put my fiance on hold to marry me for almost 8 years just because my smile. I almost lost him last year to a tragic car accident and I told him if he made it through everything I would set a date. I did. Its now in Nov 10 2011 and I am so excited but I now am back where I was having a ugly smile. I would really like a great smile on my day. I have no dental insurance and not a lot of money. We cleaned out all our savings to pay our cost out for medical bills for him.

I have never asked for help or a handout in my life and always doing and taking care of others. I just have this one wish and one thing that I just would like to feel great about myself again and have a great smile. Having RA at 30 and been suffering from it since I was 26 is so rough.

Going from playing every sport to now barely can walk some days. I hope that I can get this one thing and it would be a dream come true. Some people ask for tons of money I just want something that would make me happy inside and out.

Thanks for the chance to share my story.


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