by Tenisha
(Akron, OH USA)


I’m 29 years old. My dental problems go back as far as I can remember. I’ve always had that tight-lipped or closed smile in pictures.

My twin sister inherited her perfect smile from our mother. Myself on the other hand inherited our father’s crooked & huge teeth pattern.

Growing up I was constantly made fun of because of my teeth. I come from a very poor family and was never given any dental treatment as a child.

Therefore, as I reached my mid twenties, I started losing teeth. Because of this my 5 year relationship started having issues and my fianc√© eventually broke it off with me. I guess he didn’t think I was no longer pretty enough to marry.

Four months after the breakup I enlisted into the military hoping for a fresh start. Unfortunately during one of our mandatory dental visits on base, the dental specialist extracted 3 more of my teeth which they considered to be a future problem. It was humiliating to have to walk around and interact with people with gaps in my smile.

It was bad enough my two front teeth were big but now I had four gaps in my smile. Through all this I stayed positive and hoped to save up enough money to pay for implants.

I even volunteered for a year of duty in Iraq and was positive that I would have more than enough to finance the improvement of my smile.

Throughout my deployment I had saved a good amount every month. As Soldiers, almost everything we needed was provided to us free of charge, so saving was pretty easy. Unfortunately towards the end of my deployment I found out that a family member I had trusted with my bank account information to handle my finances while I was away had frequently took money from my account to pay her own bills and shopping frenzies.

I also received an email that my car had been totaled by my little brother. After receiving this information I had become somewhat depressed because I had come to the conclusion that I would no longer be able to afford the cosmetic dental treatment I worked so hard to receive.

After doing some research and asking questions I also found out that the United States military does not finance cosmetic dental work. I was bummed.

I always wanted to work in a field where I could help others but my lack of confidence and not having a smile that fits my personality has kept me from taking the steps to do so.

Throughout all of this I met my current fiance. We’ve been together for almost two years. He is such an awesome guy because he loves me for me and not whats on the outside. We have plans to marry in July of 2011.

It would be my dream to be a beautiful bride on my wedding day. I would perform numerous hours of volunteer work if I had to in order to make this happen.

I’ve been saving again in hopes that I will be able to pay for the procedure I need in order to be the beautiful bride I desperately long to be.

The two free implants would greatly be of service. Getting dental implants would drastically change my life for the better.

I would no longer be the woman who has opinions and suggestions but says nothing. I would no longer be the Soldier who talks with her head down in order to hide my teeth. I would no longer have to be the finace of an awesome gentleman who refuses to take pictures with him.

I would no longer be the woman who wants to get out in the public and live life to the fullest but doesn’t do so because I’m ashamed of my teeth being seen by strangers.

I really would just appreciate any help that I receive. If I win this contest it would truly be a blessing and would enable me to live life the way I had always dreamed of: being just as beautiful on the outside as I am on the inside. I just want to smile.


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