Our Facility And Guarantee

Click here to book an appointment.When you book an appointment with Mexican Dental Vacation, we can guarantee several things:

You will save at least 50% off your dental work compared to what you would pay in the US or Canada

  • Our dentists are properly screened for quality and durability of their work
  • Our clinic is up to the exact same standards as you are used to in the US or Canada
  • You will have your work done to your complete satisfaction
  • You will have the proper consulting and diagnosis
  • All of your necessary work will be completed, on time
  • You will be treated without delays, so you can get back to enjoying your vacation
  • Our clinic is clean, sterile, comfortable and air-conditioned. Many are not.
  • We will pay to repair any problem you may have with our dental work, by your regular dentist. *Some restrictions apply.

We are incorporated in Oregon, and we abide by strict business practices.

Our Facility

We value our customers, and we want to reassure you that when you book an appointment with us, we stand by the quality of our dental work, the qualifications of our dentists, and the cleanliness and safety of our dental clinic. As you can see, we have taken out the risk and kept low prices.

Here are just a few pictures of our clinic work and waiting areas:

Dental Guarantee

Our Dental Implantology and Cosmetic Surgery Center is confident of the top quality of dental services we offer and we stand behind all of the work we provide to our patients.

All of the Doctors here at Mexican Dental Vacation put a lot of effort into ensuring that the best dental solution has been applied. If any problem were to occur, we of course offer to correct or repair it to your satisfaction, free of charge. This guarantee is only valid on the work that has been performed here in our clinic. The guarantee might be limited or voided in the event of the following circumstances: If you choose to have additional treatments by another dentist on the teeth covered by this guarantee.

The guarantee covers the work that has been performed in our clinics and does not include accommodation and travel.

The guarantee provided by our center covers your dental work (Inc. material used) for the periods detailed below (it is counted from the completion of the original treatment):

  • Bridges, crowns, inlay     2 years
  • Veneers                              2 years
  • Dental Implants                2 years
  • Partial and full dentures  1 year
  • Fillings                                 1 year


The guarantee might be limited or voided in the event of the following circumstances:

  1. If oral hygiene is neglected
  2. If the patient is naturally suffering from gum or bone receding ailments
  3. If specific dentist instructions are NOT followed
  4. If the patient later receives additional treatment by another dentist on the teeth covered by this guarantee
  5. If the patient suffers an illness that has negative effects on the general dental condition
  6. Accidental damage such as dropping dentures is NOT covered by the guarantee

Mexican Dental Vacation will pay for corrective procedures by a regular dentist in the US or Canada, for up to 2 years, for a maximum of $100.00. This is to cover minor expenses if you cannot return to our office for corrective procedures.

This guarantee does not include travelling and accommodation costs.

Check ups are free!

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To claim any repair, we need an invoice or opinion from your regular dentist and records to show that you have had a regular checkup every 6 months. Your complete satisfaction is our priority.

Take the next step, make an appointment with Mexican Dental Vacation and save money now, and enjoy your vacation in sunny Mexico!