(Phoenix, AZ)

This past May 9,2011 I was on a motorcycle as a passenger with the man of my dreams,he died at the seen. I was on a ventilator and was not expected to survive,but here I am, someone was definitely with me.

I had 6 fractures of my face/jaw. Now my face is full of plates and pins. I had to have my mouth wired shut for weeks. I lost numerous teeth on the top of my mouth and bottom and some being loose from the trauma. I received a pre-treatment plan/quote from my dentist here in Arizona and it is over 11,000.00 just for the top and doesn’t include the bottom of my mouth.

I just want to be able to smile,eat again and have no pain. My face is still numb and the surgeon did state it is probably better right now that I am still numb otherwise the pain would be greater.

Too Early
by: Anonymous 

I think she meant 2010, or does she have ESP, that this is going to happen?

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