Mazatlan, Mexico is very much known to be a place where you will find great resorts and beaches to treat your family and friends.

Pueblo Bonito EmeraldIf you are looking for a place that provides a package of good ambiance, interesting facilities and strategic location, then Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Mazatlan is for you. It gives any visitor a good view of the Mazatlan and an appreciation of nature.

The resort is actually composed of a private pool and scenery in which you can actually have a grasp of the Pacific Ocean. The place is also full of plants making you feel closer to the environment and in that way, you will also feel more relaxed and stress-free in this place.

Things You Can Do At Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Mazatlan

You can shop, dine, do water sports, and have a city tour in Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay. You will definitely find an activity that suits you since the list of activities do not end in this, it also includes:

  • Fishing is very popular in Mazatlan given that the place is considered to be the Capital of billfish worldwide. Variety of fishes can also be seen in Mazatlan including Sailfish, Tuna, Dorado and even blue and black Marlin.
  • Snorkelling and Other Underwater Activities may also be done. Given the beautiful view and place in Mazatlan, one cannot deny the fact that going underwater will provide a much richer experience. Instructors are there to guide you through especially if you are a first-timer. This will not only let you appreciate nature more but more so this may also be an opportunity for you to learn a new sport or a hobby.
  • Water Sports include different things such as enjoying the boats, kayaks, yachts, jet skis and surfing. These sports also provide the chance to explore the place more given that these activities are done throughout the vicinity of Mazatlan.
  • Mazatlan Tours in the city are also available for people who want to explore and learn more about the city. Given the city’s rich historical story and different tourist spots available in the area, these tours are perfect for people who want to learn more and understand about the culture in the place.  These areas are also unique places where you can buy exciting souvenir items for your family and friends. Some of the known places in Mazatlan that this tour covers include the Central Market, Stone Island, Old Mazatlan, the Dolphin Monument, City University and other historical landmarks and tourist sceneries.
  • Shopping in the Bay is very much exciting in these places. Aside from the fact that you will find interesting items in this shopping area, you will also find a venue where you will find great deals and discounts. The shopping center in this place is not only for fresh seafood and produce stalls but more so it is also a place that sells crafts and items being made uniquely in Mazatlan.
  • Spa and Fitness Activities. Going in any place will require you to always pamper yourself. You cannot deny the fact that this is needed especially by people who may be coming from a stressful day before going there.
  • Dine and Enjoy the Food. Mazatlan is also known for very sumptuous foods served in the city. You may want to try different restaurants surrounding the area. Do not forget to try their specialty since this will add to your unique experience.

Surely, there are many activities that you can do in Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Mazatlan, getting an effective coordinator to take care of all the details may also necessary in order for you to have a well planned trip to Mazatlan.