I have acid reflux, which has really messed my teeth up. I am permanently disabled, which have paperwork to show proof. I am on a very limited income.

I have had a DISTAL ESOPHOGECTOMY WITH COLOIC INTERPOSITION.I have no sphincter between my esophagus and stomach so I need to chew my food very well for it to go down to my stomach or it gets stuck in my esophagus and I vomit this up.

I sleep in hospital bed, due to the acid reflux. I wore braces as a child for many yrs. I do not want to smile, as I am so self conscious.

I was always known for my “smile”. I was a nurse for over 20 yrs. and my patients always were so glad to see me because ” (I left home life at the door”) they were very important to me.I have a heart valve that regurgitates. I know this is very dangerous.

I have M.S and fibromyalgia, and Major depressive disorder and don’t want to get out of house due to teeth. I know that makes life boring and a little depressive.

Please HELP ME!
these dental vacations sound great to me and have talked to several, they can’t decide where to send me…. one says one thing and another says somewhere else. I have been told by many people, that Mexico is the best place to go. When I was younger, I visited your country many times and have greatly enjoyed this!

Some of my dental problems are caused by an accident I had, that broke some teeth, shattered my orbital bone and broke my nose. Of course MEDICARE-MEDICAIDE paid for this but no dental work. It would be so grateful to your dentists and country if you could help me win this contest! It would help on the cost!

Thank you in advance…




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