The easiest way to improve one’s smile is through a safe teeth whitening treatment at our dental clinic in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Not only will it improve one’s smile but will also put a shiny-white sparkle every time you flash your smile.

The procedure involved in our safe teeth whitening is easy and can be done in a flash and compared to commercial teeth whitening kits, you’re sure that it’s safe as it is administered by a dental professional.

Safe Teeth Whitening Facts

As you may know by now, there are two ways of doing teeth whitening…

One is done in a dental clinic like ours – this uses a laser bleaching light and takes less than an hour.

The second way of doing teeth whitening is by doing it on your own from home with the use of teeth whitening kits. This process takes more time as to compared when it’s done by a dental professional but can also work just as fine.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is also called tooth bleaching. It is the process of lightening the enamel of the tooth to make it look younger, brighter, and healthy looking.

Is Tooth Whitening Dangerous?

Tooth whitening is safe for your health, gum, and tooth. So far, no damage has been reported  in the dental world that have been caused by tooth whitening.

Will Teeth Whitening Damage My Teeth?

No, teeth whitening may occasionally cause slight sensitivity for a short period of time after the treatment but will soon disappear.

Will Teeth Whitening Whiten Crowns and fillings?

Safe teeth whitening can only whiten real tooth particles and will not affect crowns and fillings so it’s ideal to change them first and match tooth bleaching with the new color of your crowns or fillings.

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