by Robert

Hello, my Name is Robert Sklomeit I l m from Florida

I found this San Jose Costa Rica Dental Clinic Online and my plan was to go there for implants and to replace my old Bridge.

I ask the Doctors if I should use Implants for the Bridge the told me no.

My old bridge made in Germany was 10 years old and I had never a problem with this Bridge, very good Quality.

I was excited the day I received that new Bridge and I was also curious how the New bridge will change my appearance.

After the Doctor was finished adding the Bridge he gave me a mirror but was in the rush to take the mirror away in perhaps 5 seconds, so I couldn’t see the work he has done.

I went to the Restroom, but this time the mirror was removed.

My transportation to the airport was already waiting for me. When I arrived at San Jose’s Airport I went straight to the Restroom cause I was eager to see this Bridge in my mouth!

OH my God, I had a shock for life, this Bridge was so ugly and misplaced that I was ashamed to open my mouth.

Back in the U.S. I wrote an E-mail to this Costa Rica Clinic and told them that this bridge looks terrible and that I m not satisfied at all with this Work. The Doctor told me right away without any question as he knew already what’s going on “Yes Mr. Sklomeit come back we replace this bridge for free!

Back in Costa Rica the Torture began. They made a Bridge in their own lab in 20 minutes with the same ugly result, they made a Second one and I said NO after the third one and I left just to get out of their Clinic.

The bridge looks terrible, and is so sensitive that I can’t drink cold or hot Beverages, I have the be very careful not to bring any food to the teeth.

Above all these Doctors did not answer my e-mails as if they don’t care about my questions.

A very upsetting Experience with this dental clinic in San Jose Costa Rica


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