by Jose Rey A. Cimafranca
(105 Lilac St., SSS Village, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City, Philippines)

The eye is the window of our soul so they say. And I believe that the door to a beautiful smile, of course, is our teeth. But how can one smile beautifully when one’s teeth are gone?

This is my story…

Way back in 1994 I was asked by a friend who was then studying to become a dentist for me to become his patient and do some restorative treatment. I obliged for friendship’s sake and for him to be able to complete his requirements. It may be a good intention on his part because at that time I was already wearing a denture and he made me realized the advantages a fixed prostheses can offer. Sadly the fixed prostheses I believe was a poor quality restoration and it didn’t last longer than I thought. And my friend was nowhere to be found. That started my predicament. And honestly, I have no money to replace for a good one because it costs too much here in the Philippines. Instead I had it all extracted.

That led me to losing my self-esteem…

I couldn’t go anywhere because I feel being the subject of humiliation. People do discriminate, and I don’t want to be forever discriminated. I also feel that I still have more sensible things to do if I can show the world if I’ve got a good smile.

I like to dream. I’ve not lost that idealism in me. And with all humility, I think I should be given that once in a lifetime opportunity to have a dental implant primarily because I want to be able to bring back my life — a life in singing because it is my passion. A life that I would be able to see the beauty of the world again . And more importantly, a life that is full of laughter. For I’ve always believed that laughter has no language barrier and I think it’s the most beautiful language of all. SMILE!


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