by Ann Marie Narreau

I am Santa Clauses’ helper, a year and a half ago my teeth were starting to fall out. And I was getting bummed out. So, the first time Santa made some fake teeth for me. And they lasted. except a few months ago, Santa said Hey Ann how are your teeth holding up? I replied “not so well Santa,I need new teeth”.

Santa said “Well Christmas is around the around the corner” Let’s see what we can do”. “Oh, and make sure all the children that have been good receive these gifts ASAP! Okay? And I said ” No problem” And so I collected all of the gifts,and wrote their names on the gifts. Later I went to bed. And I heard knocking on Santa’s door. So I got up. And answered the door. This person or whatever Asked me”I hear your looking to replace your teeth am I correct”?

I said yes I am. He or it replied”Well, If you write a story explaining that you need them”. Please write it. And the dental clinic in Mexico will let you know whether or not you are a winner of two dental implants”. I said” Okay, sounds cool to me”. And so he or it took off on his laser powered flying machine. And that’s the last I’ve seen of him or it. And so I got busy on my computer. And here I AM WRITING MY STORY”

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