I was under a lot of emotional stress after my husband lost his job, our home was foreclosed, getting a divorced, dealing with child protective services about my kids being in the middle of these issues due to domestic violence, at the same undergoing dental work at western dental in Hawthorne ca. The dental began when I had an abscess in which was being treated and next was a root canal for the same tooth.

Their office called me every week to come into the office for an appointment even when I knew I didn’t have an appointment. Although I was told they would put a crown over the root canal tooth, instead they included it in a bridge next to it. Well, they put in a bridge including on the tooth that still has a sour taste in the mouth and swollen tissue on that same area around the gum that has been rotten or something. It makes my breath smell horrible.

Since I had a small chip on my front tooth, during the initial dental work they even talked me into fixing my front teeth. Instead of them explaining different procedures, she just shaved down my two front teeth and put these large temporary teeth, then in a week two large porcelain crowns in the front of mouth my kids laughed at me. They didn’t mention cleaning or oral hygiene in which is obvious I needed.

Well after all of that I had to wait two and a half weeks for my next appointment it was right before Christmas December 2010. Then before my next appointment, one of the crowns came off while I was eating and by the time I realized it I had chewed it up with my food spit it on a napkin and threw it away.

Apparently, it was a cheap crown. When I went back to my appointment they wanted my payment and I explained to them what happened to my crown and I was told that I had to pay for another crown and my monthly payment since I didn’t have it to show them.

I was furious with them left their office and never went back. This situation increased my stress, and I’ve been off work ever since due to depression. I’m back working now part time but everyone thinks I’m mean because I don’t talk or smile because my teeth are embarrassing. I still cry wondering when will I be able to save enough money to get the dental work I need so I can have a better image about myself and other people can see the happy person I really am.

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