Now, Stay In Touch With Your Friends and Family During Your Dental Vacation!

You may be worried about staying in touch with your friends and family during your Dental Vacation, and now we have a great solution!

We will provide you with a FREE cell phone to use during your entire stay! It comes loaded with 100 pesos of long distance airtime, and allows you to call home to the US and Canada, and your friends and family can reach you as well. 100 pesos will last a long time. Additional airtime can be added as needed, the cell phone store that we use is right next door, and they will load the airtime for you, you don’t have to lift a finger!

Many people are anxious about going to Mexico, especially for the first time, (although there is no reason to, Mexico is very safe!) and having a cell phone with you will give you peace of mind.

It also allows you to call us anytime, with any question you may have, such as finding a great place for lunch, to questions about your dental work. It also allows us to reach you in case there is a change in your appointment time, or so that we can just check to see how you are doing.

Now these aren’t fancy cell phones loaded with features, they are quite simple, but the good news is that they are easy to use. The cell phone language is in English, and we will give you instructions on how to use it, how to call home, and which digits people need to dial to reach you in Mexico.

This is also a great way to save on your cell phone bill, since calling home on your Verizon or Telus or other US and Canadian based cell phone can be very expensive per minute! Also, not all US/Canadian cell phones work in Mexico.

Call us toll-free at 1-800-959-2061 to reserve your FREE cell phone, or email us anytime at and we will get back to you very quickly, and get you on your way to a sunny dental vacation. We hope to see you soon in sunny Mazatlan! Stay in touch!

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