Mom and me while she was still healthy

Too young for dentures is darn right…I like to think of myself as vibrant, full of life, years to live, someone to love….teeth coming out at night and sitting in a jar beside the bed…I don’t think so!

Several years ago my mother’s health took a turn for the worse and with a full-time job and raising a young one, life seemed to be too much to handle. I saw my doctor and he prescribed Prozac.
It worked great and I got control of my life and felt capable of handling anything that came my way…that is until I went to the Dentist.

I left my dentist’s office two years ago with my teeth in as good a shape as they ever could be. I have always had periodontal issues. However, after spending over $10k in surgeries and dental work, my teeth were 100% and my dentist was happy.

I didn’t see my dentist for two years, yes I should have, but I didn’t. When I went to see him, he chastised me, but didn’t seem too worried….that is until he saw the updated x-rays. He walked in the room and asked what had happened to me in the last two years….I said, “Nothing.” He said “Wrong, something very bad has happened.”

He took my breath away when he said, “Your teeth are gone.”

It took me a moment to just comprehend what he was saying….my teeth are great, they look good, they feel good…” you’ve made a mistake.”

Apparently, Prozac causes dry mouth, which I didn’t even notice. My gums have receded, my teeth have loosened, and there is non- repairable damage done to the root base of all of my teeth.

My only options at this point are full dentures or dental implants. The price difference is only about $30,000 dollars.

$30,000….@##$*#%@*#^$&…..I don’t have $30K. WHAT?!!!

Needless to say, the tears flowed. I am not young, but I am not dead. I still see myself as vibrant, healthy, active, and fun. I still think I might meet the man of my dreams and get married. I can’t imagine false teeth….dentures….the old glass by the bedside…losing my teeth when I talk….having them pop out of my mouth if I choke…taking them out to go through airport security…ARE YOU KIDDING….ME…WITH DENTURES…I WOULD RATHER DIE! Ok, I am vain.

I am trying to find another alternative to dentures….something that maybe I can afford. I am hoping and praying that this is the path. Perhaps this can be done. I need implants.

Response from Mexican Dental Vacation

Thank you for submitting your story for consideration in the contest.
Unfortunately, dental estimates of $10,000 or more are becoming much more common, and dentistry, in general, is astronomically expensive! It seems to be one of the few industries that have not seen a decrease in prices, and it makes sense since dental decay and problems never sleep!

This is the main reason that Mexican Dental Vacation was started, to help people finally get their dental work done, so you can have a healthy smile, and nothing makes us more proud than to see you smile vibrantly after years of being embarrassed of your smile!

We certainly have compassion in your case, and the end of the contest is a few short months away, so keep your fingers crossed!

In the meantime, if you would like to contact our office to go over some options, we are glad to do so. In some limited cases, we will do dental work at a reduced price, and can offer some sort of financing to help out.

Thank you, and we hope to hear from you soon!

by EA Ambrose
(Albany, Oregon)

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