Train Travel in Mexico, is it Possible?

As part of your dental vacation preparation, perhaps you’ve been busy trying to find a comfortable means of transportation that can lead you to the unspoiled beauty of Mazatlan in Mexico.

Of course, you want to book your trip as soon as possible, since this is also one of the top concerns of many travelers; it will likely be more difficult to get tickets in the peak season.

Travelers have different options to travel from the US to Mazatlan: via  aircar, bus, and ferry.

However, it is not possible to ride a train from the US or Canada going to Mazatlan, since the Mexico’s passenger rail system that include the Nogales-Guadalupe route went out-of-service in the late 90’s.

For tourists who might be thinking that trains going to Mexico still work, unfortunately, the train system has been stalled thus opening opportunities for other transport services for your Mexico travel.

Good news is, train travel in Mexico is still very viable.  This  means, tourists could save on their budget trip and planning while enjoying their stay in Mexico.

Again, if you’re looking for information on how you can book a train travel in Mexico from the US and Canada, it’s no longer feasible but we’ve researched some good alternative Mexico travel options for you below:

Travel by Air

Traveling via Air is said to be the fastest and easiest way to reach the superb Mazatlan.

Mazatlan has an international airport, the General Rafael Buelna International Airport or more popularly known as Mazatlan International Airport.

The airport receives international flights from the United States and Canada, particularly from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Houston, South Shore Harbor, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Denver, Minneapolis, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto-Pearson, Winnipeg, and Vancouver.

These airlines offering nonstop flights to Mazatlan are AeroMexico, Mexicana, Alaska Airlines, and Aero Calafia.

When you are from other international origins, you can reach the beautiful sceneries of Mazatlan through Mexico City.

The airport is seated 14 miles southeast of the resort and hotel area. Hence, you still need to ride from taxis and buses to reach your hotels.

You can pay taxis around $23 USD. Some of the hotels, however, offer promos in transportation. Some of them provide even free shuttles; some may charge a small fee (usually $5). So it is better to inquire to your hotels with regards to such kind of promos, so you can just save the money to spend it on things you want to buy in your stay in Mazatlan.

Buses also run from the airport to downtown, which offer $1 to $2 transportation fee. Though, buses take more of your time than taxis.

In entering Mexico, however, there are some considerations to make. When you are citizens of US or Canada, you should bring with you either a valid passport or your original birth certificate, along with a valid photo ID (e.g. drivers license).

When coming from other countries, you have to present a visa.

Some tips in saving money with your airfare are as follows: look for package deals offering the best rates for flights.

Most probably, you can find such package deal from a local travel agent, so consider checking with them.

Another good option is to buy separate tickets from your hometown to Los Angeles or Phoenix, and from there, purchase tickets to Mazatlan. Or better yet, check some online resources or websites to help you in getting low-priced tickets to Mazatlan.

Specifically, here’s a page that helps you find cheap flights to Mexico deals. Just compare prices and get the best deal you can. Ticket costs fluctuates depending on the season so make sure to travel on off peak season for huge savings.

Travel by Car

One of the alternatives in reaching Mazatlan is travelling by car, straight from the US. The total trip time from the US to Mazatlan when using a toll way is about 10 hours.

From Nogales, Arizona, take International Highway 15 to reach Culiacan. At Culiacan, you should change to the four-lane toll way. It is the only road considered travelable and secure, although costs around $40.

An overnight stop is a necessity for travelers, since it is quite dangerous to travel at night.

From Puerto Vallarta, Highway 200 is the road to take north to Las Varas. Then it becomes four-lane Highway 68. When you already see Highway 15, take this road as it leads you north to the picturesque Mazatlan.

Meanwhile, here are some considerations to take: when entering Mexico by means other than airlines or cruise ship and if you’re going to stay for more than 72 hours and / or coming from more than 20 miles beyond the border, you will be required to have a tourist card.

Travel by Bus

Riding a bus straight from the US to Mazatlan can be very enjoyable, especially when you are with your loved ones. Seeing the beautiful sceneries of Mexico is really a wonderful and breathtaking experience.

bus ride from Tucson, AZ to Mazatlan is around 22 hours—quite long waiting hours but very pleasurable.

However, first-class and deluxe busses run from Mexico City and Guadalupe almost every hour, perfect for those who prefer to experience riding a plane first to Mexico City and want smaller traveling hours via bus to also watch Mexico’s finest places.

These major bus companies servicing and heading the people to Mazatlan are Transportes Norte de Sonora, Tres Estrellas de Oro and Elite, and Transportes del Pacifico.

Travel by Cruise Ship

Between La Paz, Baja California Sur and Mazatlan, passenger ferries or cruise ships operated by Sematur can bring you to Mazatlan.

There is a daily trip at 3 PM. It carries cars, with Thursday scheduled for the cargo and passengers.

The fare varies, depending on the class: seats costs $52, tourist-class service with two beds $116, cabin class with two beds and a private bath $142, and special class $167.

It is a must and it is for your own good as well to purchase the tickets in advance through the Ferry Office at Paseo Clansen 310 located on Carnaval Street. Or better yet, contact your travel agents.

Train Travel In Mexico

Railroads within Mexico are in excellent condition, so are the trains which are good news to you if you’re really fired-up to train travel in Mexico. There’s no traffic travelling in Mexico by train, which means it’s a faster ride as compared to taking cabs and other public transport.

It’s sad that the long trail of train travel in Mexico is no longer available as an option but at least you get to travel by train even if it’s only within Mexico.

Welcome aboard! Enjoy the minute after minute of your vacation in Mazatlan! Please don’t froget to check us out too. We can work your dental treatment around your vacation schedule. You can also take advantage of the priviledges that we’re offering our patients whenever they’re in Mazatlan like free local cellphone use during your stay for example.