I don’t go out to dinners, in fact I avoid lunches with friends too unless it is soup. I only have uppers as the bottoms hurt.

I went back to the Doctor/Dentist numerous times and to no avail for him to help me; told me to keep wearing them and I would get used to them with no avail. I have worn them for 6 years. I am so embarrassed.

I used to love to smile and I make sure now I only make a smile with my top teeth going; if the dinner is something that needs chewed I hide my teeth in a napkin and use another napkin to hide my face while chewing. This is so embarrassing; I stay home a lot because of this and cancel a lot of fun get together as well.

As soon as I get home the uppers are taken out as soon as I walk in the home as they gag me. I used to work part time for a magazine as a model but because of an accident, I am no more cause I no longer have teeth.

My self-esteem is at all time high and I have been put on medication for my severe depression.
I hardly leave my apartment. I used to exercise frequently but no longer do so. The false teeth hurt my mouth even when I’m only driving so I take them immediately as I gag all the time.

I am now on disability Medicare and Medicaide. I do know this much no matter if I take my upper teeth out or not I can’t eat my favorite food. Most of my food is soup.

I want to smile and I so want to laugh again and i so want to see the myself smile..




I pray you accept medicare/medicade as that is all I have. If you want a picture of my mouth, I will send it to you.


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