I never saw a dentist until age 15 and at this time had 35 cavities and was told that my teeth do not retain enamel, therefore I have always had a problem.

I had a mouthful of teeth-so many they were coming in in the roof of my mouth. These were pulled leaving large gaps for other teeth to shift.

I now have large spaces between them and they leaned and were crooked and now I must work hard to keep them clean.

At age 58 I had braces put on and wore these for two years.

When the braces were removed the dentist put metal retainer bars behind the upper and lower 8 front teeth so they would not shift back.

I had a root canal on the left tooth next to my 2 front ones about 15 years ago. Five years ago this tooth snapped off and was glued back on by the dentist.

The cap broke off again 1 year ago and the dentist tried to glue it back on but it wouldn’t stay. Now he suggests that I have a bridge made with 4 crowns across the upper front teeth.

I am now 68 and ALL my teeth are bad and will eventually have to be replaced. I am thinking about FULL upper and lower replacements or implants.

I live on social security and cannot afford $30,000.00 for this. My teeth have always had a yellow tint to them and 2 whitening procedures did not last-I would really love for once to have a beautiful smile! I will wait to hear back from you and your response. If I did not explain this good enough please ask more questions.

Sally M.

(Overton, Nevada)

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